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Let’s start with some frequently asked questions. If you need to get in touch, scroll to the bottom and fill out the form.

  • How often does my widget refresh? Apple’s WidgetKit API limits the frequency of refreshes. GA.TODAY tries to refresh your “today” widgets every 15-20 minutes, and your yesterday, last 7 day and last 30 day widgets every few hours.
  • Why can’t I show realtime metrics in a widget? Because of the refresh restriction mentioned above, a widget showing realtime metrics will quickly be out of date. Tap a widget to open the GA.TODAY dashboard for that profile, which includes realtime metrics.
  • I’m looking for a metric or dimension but I can’t find it. Fill out the form below and let me know what you’re looking for–I’ll try to add it in the next release!
  • My profile isn’t showing up when I try to add it. Open the settings dialog and “refresh profiles” to reload information on any profiles you may have gained or lost access to since you last loaded them.

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